Cross dracess sex chat.

Cross dracess sex chat.

Cross dracess sex chat. I gasped and held my breath as his bulbous cockhead penetrated my pussy.

The rest of his massive shaft soon followed, stretching my pussy into new dimensions. “Your pussy is so tight, Gwen,” he gasped. “It feels so good. ” “Big. you’re big. so. big,” I groaned as my stepson slowly slid his hard cock into my slick snatch. I clutched his ass, digging my nails into his flesh and pulling him more fully inside me.

Upon complete penetration of his cock my pussy convulsed around it with climax. I closed my eyes in disbelief and wailed in unexpected orgasmic release, “Oooooh!

Cum!” Once I recovered, I muttered with urgency, “Fuck me, Cody. Fuck me hard. ” With that kind of encouragement, Cody quickly pummeled my pussy to a pleasurable pulp. Cross dracess sex chat.

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