Web chat dirty.

Web chat dirty.

Web chat dirty. He was teasing me, making me wait several seconds before he finally entered me. “Oh fuck, Greg. you’re driving me crazy. please fuck me. ” I was pleading with him now as I arched my hips trying to force his cock deeper inside me. “Be patient, little girl.

I want to go slowly and savor this moment. The moment when I first enter my baby sister. ” His words sent a shiver through my core.

I felt like I could climax right then and there. I have never been so aroused.

Greg inched his erection into me deeper. His girth was more than I was used to, but in my highly aroused state, I could accommodate the thickness.

But his length took a little bit of work. “Greg, you are a very big man,” I cautioned. “Please be gentle, go slowly. Web chat dirty.

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