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Austria chats sexy.
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Austria chats sexy. She climbs up on the couch and sits next to me.

With gleaming eyes she leans forward and parts my lips with her tongue. She thrusts deep into my mouth.

I can taste her, sweet and spicy at the same time. Our tongues engage in a wrestling match then she nibbles on my lips as her hand fondles my body.

She sways her body over mine and I feel her hair caressing me from head to pussy. It is like being stroked and tickled wit a feather.

I had never imagined that hair could be so erotic. Finally, she turns to me and says, “Ready for dim sum?” Bringing her pussy over me she lowers herself towards my waiting mouth.

I reach up and let my tongue lick her outer lips then run a swath from top to bottom coming to rest on her clit which I lightly bite and suck. Austria chats sexy.

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